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About Catstycam

Catstycam The Outdoor Shop has been selling outdoor equipment to hill walkers for over 16 years. For those who know us through our shops in Glenridding and Pooley Bridge, in the heart of the Lake District, you will know the excellent range and services we offer, but for those of you new to us, I will explain what it is we try to do.

Our Philosophy

Situated as we are at the foot of the Helvellyn Range, just about everything we sell gets used straight away, often on a wild and wet fell side, so the products we sell HAVE to work, if they don't then we usually get them back the same day (complete with wet and disgruntled customer). This means we would never over sell our products, as whatever we claim will be tested as soon as our customers step out of our door. Our situation also means we get constant feed back from our customers who will often come back after a days walking to tell us how they have faired, and this together with the fact that we are constantly using and assessing products ourselves, means we are well positioned to guide you to the best product for your activity, or pocket.

What we would rather not sell

At Catstycam we take particular pride in our boot fitting service training our staff so that we can guarantee the fit of the boot, and modify boots to fit the widest feet or narrowest heels. We would rather not sell boots over our web site as they are your most important piece of kit and they really do have to be fitted properly.

What happens after we sell

After sales has always been something we take very seriously. Occasionally a product will have faulty stitching (Friday afternoon job) or something wrong with it. If we receive more returns than we would expect on a product we will stop selling it, but in most cases it is a genuine fault that we will replace free of charge. By making sure that you get the product you want, replace it if there is anything wrong, and treat all our customers in a friendly and professional way, we are trying to remove any doubts you may have about shopping with us. Just ask anyone who's used Catstycam before about the level of service they received, after all we're in this for the long run, so we want you to come back time and again.

Thank you very much, Andrew Laverick. (Manager)

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