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  • Walking Tops

    T- Shirts

    These are made using similar fabrics to wicking base layers. They are made into a looser fit so they feel cooler and have an increased spf for extra protection from the sun.

    Cotton T shirts will soak up your perspiration and hold it in the fibres next to your skin. This means you are always damp and when you stop for a rest your skin feels cold and clammy. Wicking fabrics pull perspiration away from your skin and channel it away from your body to evaporate quickly from the fibres on the outside of the shirt. This helps you regulate your temperature better and stay drier in hot conditions.

    Tech Tops (Windproof)

    These are one of the most practical and versatile bits of outdoor clothing available. They take up no space or weight and can be used as part of a soft shell system.

    Every time you use your waterproof jacket you are shortening its life, regardless of whether it is raining or not. And when it is not raining why do so many people wear waterproofs? I don’t know!! They would be much more comfortable in a windproof top which is lighter and more breathable. And because they have no coating or membrane there is nothing to damage and wear out so you can leave them scrunched up to the size of an apple in the bottom of your pack. They stop the wind and light showers and when worn over a fleece and base layer they make a soft shell system that is versatile and lightweight.

  • Walking Socks

    Merino Wool Socks

    We think Merino Wool is the most comfortable fabric to wear next to your skin. Merino Wool socks are soft with lots of padding and they wick moisture away leaving your feet dry and comfortable.

    Merino Wool is much finer than normal wool and it has a longer yarn so there are fewer itchy ends to irritate your skin. It wicks moisture really well, retains its warmth when damp and has an excellent warmth to weight ratio so it always feels comfortable next to your skin. It also has anti bacterial properties which mean you can wear your socks all week and they don’t get smelly. If you are used to offending yourself with the smell of your feet after a day’s walking try a pair of Merino Wool socks, they honestly do make a huge difference. Because of the long soft yarn they make incredibly soft and comfortable socks, but they are not as durable as nylon or wool socks. It’s another case where you can’t have it both ways. Merino Wool socks are great for helping to clear up athlete’s foot and general swamp foot because they keep your feet so dry. If you are in between sizes then go down a size unless you have very broad feet.

    Seal Skinz Socks

    If you know you’re going somewhere very wet take some waterproof socks. We all know there is no such thing as a fully 100% waterproof boot, they all have big holes in the top, so if you really want to keep your feet dry, wear these.

    Kids Walking Socks

    Walking boots fit a lot better when worn with proper walking socks. The socks add padding and stop the foot slipping about, and with kids boots you can buy big and bulk up on socks to make them last longer.

    If you are in between sizes then go down a size unless you have very broad feet, as socks will always stretch a bit, but if they’re too big they will form uncomfortable lumps and wrinkles.

  • Winter Hats & Gloves

    Winter walking can give you the most exhilarating and beautiful days on the hills. Make sure you enjoy it properly by not having to worry about the cold.

    Make sure you have good waterproof gloves, a spare pair of dry gloves in your rucksack, and a hat if you are going for big days out in the winter. The weather can change in an instant and if you have wet gloves you can be in trouble. Winter hats give you much better visibility than walking with your hood up, and keep your head much warmer.

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