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My first blog by Andrew Laverick aged 40 3/4

Hello. My name is Andrew Laverick and I am about to become a blogger.


I have never done this before so please be gentle with me. I don’t really know exactly what it is I want to blog about, but I do have lots of opinions on just about everything on the planet so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something to ramble on about.

We could start on one of my favourite subjects. ME! I was born in 1971, which makes me just ever so slightly 40. On the whole I’m pretty cool about being 40, but it does make you think about the quantity and quality of your remaining years a lot more than 39 did. There are more aches and pains than before and I am starting to make strange noises when I stand up from the sofa, and I’m just starting to consider that my wife might be right and I am not immortal after all. But I am still in reasonable shape and I love the outdoors more than ever.

Andrew & Sete

With age comes wisdom, and a realisation that the speed I fly down the Howtown Run on my Mountain Bike will cause me serious harm when I come off. Mix with that the addition last September of our brilliant Springer Spaniel pup Sete, and I am doing more hill walking now. Sete loves coming out with us on the bikes and one of the finest joys in life is riding along a bridleway with your dog by your side, ears flapping in the wind, but she is such good fun I like to walk with her and run around being daft and throw sticks. I don’t know if any other dog owners have picked up on this, but dogs seem to LOVE sticks.

I also go away snowboarding every year, mainly in Europe, and up to Aviemore when they get snow up there. I love it when the Cairngorms get a good dump of snow. A good friend of mine moved to Aviemore a couple of years ago, and he was working as a ski instructor so he was the perfect friend to visit. He’s moved to Glasgow now though and I’m more of a country boy so I don’t see him as often these days.

The Beginning.

Let’s go way back to 1971. It was a dark and stormy night in mid January and the snow was coming down thick and fast. The midwife could not get through the snow to the little cottage at the Yetts of Muckhart, where the young Mrs Laverick was expecting her third child, the pinnacle of her mothering carrier. Mr Laverick had to step up and deliver his child in this small Scottish cottage, there was no alternative.

I really don’t want to think about what happened next, but I’m sure it all went very calmly and then everyone sat back and had a nice cup of tea.

My Educational Career.

Since that glorious night I have lived a charmed life and enjoyed most of the journey. My educational career didn’t amount to much. The teachers at Penrith Grammar School in the 80’s were so old and dusty and out of touch that despite my massive thirst for knowledge, they managed to make the most interesting subjects as dull as dishwater. Because of this I think my imagination must have wandered and I tended to entertain myself (and the rest of the class according to my reports) with good old fashioned mischief.

After school I decided I wanted to do hairdressing, I was a Goth at the time and wanted to create crazy hairstyles, but the reality of doing shampoo and sets on old ladies (lovely though they were) at Carlisle Tech failed to inspire me and I got kicked off that.

The Bit Between School & Now.

There followed a period of travelling, unemployment, part time courses and generally enjoying what life had to offer without putting in too much effort. After numerous years of this I came to work for my parents in their gift shop and café, Treetops, in Pooley Bridge. When they sold Treetops I went to work for my brother Richard at Catstycam the Outdoor Shop at Glenridding. After a few years Richard wanted to leave to pursue other interests and I was given the opportunity to take over the running of the shop.

The Catstycam Empire.

This was in 1999 and I have been running Catstycam ever since. I took over North West Yacht Sales in Pooley Bridge in 2003 and that became the second Catstycam shop, then in 2010 was launched and the Catstycam empire became complete.

Married Life.

Mary & Sete

That just about brings us up to date. But I do need to tell you about my wife Mary. We met in 2005 and through a common love of Mountain Biking and lager we shared a summer of love that continued into a lifetime of happiness. Mary is a physiotherapist for the Fire Fighters Charity. She works getting injured Fire Fighters back to work and I could not be more proud of her. Together with our dog Sete we have made a great little family and I am a very happy man.

Happy Days.

I love my work and my colleagues, the Outdoor Industry is a very friendly industry and our customers are great. On the whole they are on holiday doing what they love and they come in to see us and talk about outdoor kit. What a perfect way to spend your working week?

7 thoughts on “My first blog by Andrew Laverick aged 40 3/4”

  • Pete

    Great first blog! I bought a coat from your Glenridding shop back on a very wet July day, it kept me dry that day on Helvellyn & is still keeping me dry in the Peak district! Look forward to maybe saying hello when im back in the Lakes for Easter.

    • andrew

      Thanks for that Pete.
      Some positive feedback from my first go is a real boost.
      Glad your jacket is serving you well and we look forward to seeing you at Easter.
      All the best, Andrew.

  • sarah

    Beautiful words Andrew! You deserve to be a happy man with that great, positive attitude to life!
    We are back at Christmas, and hopefully we will catch up with you and Mary then, and no doubt Mike will be popping in for a jacket or 3!

  • sa

    PS How is it possible that you are 40?!!!

  • Harriet

    I just realised there are so many things about you I didn't know!? Great first blog. Love to the fam xx

  • Mary

    Well done Andrew x

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