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Walking or Trekking Poles Explained

Glenridding or Hollywood?

We have started making a series of short videos that we hope you will find useful. Because just about everything we sell in the shops goes straight into use, we need to make sure our customers know how to use their new kit. So we thought we would help people on the World Wide Web to choose the correct product and know how to use it, if they are unlucky enough not to be able to pop along to Ullswater to see us.

Our 1st Video

The first one is about trekking poles and it is over 10 minutes long with me repeatedly saying “Knees”. I thought I could just talk to camera unscripted as if I were talking to a customer and it would all be great. It has turned out not too bad, but that is mainly down to Mikes editing skills.

Have a look here to see our 1st go at making a video.

2nd film up to scratch with Mike Scorsese behind the camera

I am much happier with our 2nd video. We have learned quite a bit from making that 1st video, and also been given some great advice. We have broken the 1st video into 2 parts, and tried to bring a bit of order to the occasion.

I would like to introduce you to number 1 in a series of films about all things connected with hill walking round Ullswater.

Trekking Poles are a really popular product for us. They are one of those products that really do work. If your knees hurt on a long descent then try using a pair of trekking poles. They take tons of pressure off your knees over a day’s walking, and that 3rd point of contact with the ground really does improve your stability. We used to hire out trekking poles as a try before you buy thing and just about everybody bought some. You notice the benefits they bring straight away and by the time you are coming down off the hill without aching knees you want a pair of your own.

So our 1st official Catstycam video is about how to use a Trekking Pole and adjust the length for different terrains. I really do hope you find these videos useful , and if there are any topics you would like us to cover please get in touch and let us know.

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