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We've been going through changes....

The Shops...

Signs New Signs

The quieter winters in Glenridding give us a great chance to make the improvements to the shops that we’ve dreamt about all year – hopefully without disruption to our few hardier customers.

This meant that two winters ago we could take the opportunity to swap out our old front entrance for a beautiful Oak frame with display cabinets to match.  This was a huge job by our standards and we’re really happy with the end result.

New Entrance New Entrance

We also renovated our lovely Beechwood floor with a serious amount of sanding, sweat and elbow grease from Mike and Jamie, they got it varnished up and looking great.

As a general overhaul, both shops were fitted with new signage and lighting, as a result of which we can honestly say that the shops have never looked better and we’ve got plenty more ideas up our sleeves too!

Projects like these are great to keep us busy but really it’s more of a pride thing, we’re tremendously proud of what we do here and aim to keep the standards high.

One thought on “We've been going through changes....”

  • Dave Bishop

    I've been to both of your Ullswater shops this spring and they look great. Keep up the great work. The whole family love coming into your shops, which is VERY unusual.

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