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It's time for the Revolution. Capitalism is Broken

That's it Brothers & Sisters. I’ve had enough. I’m ready for a revolution. The social structure that I’ve believed in all my life has become too crooked for me to endorse any more. My Mum and Dad ran shops same as me and they were good employers who paid their taxes and contributed locally. I saw the benefits of capitalism. Money is made, taxes are paid and people work in a good environment and enjoy going to work. That is how I try to run Catstycam. I’m not greedy or super ambitious, it’s the Greedy Super Ambitious People that are the problem, but more on that later. Businesses have always been the glue to communities. If the businesses do well the areas do well, there is employment and money and locals can stay in the area keeping it alive and vibrant.

The Problem

But the current version of capitalism is horrific and doing incredible damage right now and if nothing is done about it it will only get worse. Much worse!

Big businesses just want to make as much money as possible, pay as little wages as possible and move the money out of the country as quick as possible paying no UK tax on it. The only people who benefit from this are the 1% and they are all psychopaths so lets not help them any more.

Lets give ourselves the best Christmas Pressy we could ever imagine. There’s something we can all do that will bring about the biggest change in the distribution of wealth this country has seen, and now is the time to do it. Lets have a sneaky revolution.


Lets only do our Christmas shopping with companies who pay their full UK taxes. I know it will be hard, it may even be impossible. When you see all the companies who are registered in tax havens there are not many left who can say “we pay every penny of our taxes without duping the UK taxpayer”.

1 in 5 global internet sales go to Amazon

This will mean nothing from Amazon. One in every five items bought on the internet is from Amazon so just by avoiding them and shopping with tax paying companies think of the massive cash injection into the UK through taxes. Jeff Bezos thinks he is being all philanthropic with his riches by funding space flight so mankind can survive off planet earth in the future. If you want to be philanthropic Jeff pay your bloody taxes now so we can have functioning hospitals here on earth now.

It also means nothing from Cadburys, they are owned by Kraft who haven’t thought they should pay the British public any taxes for years. They buy up good British companies then turn them into tax dodging funds.

Tax Dodgers even ruin football

Nothing from Man Utd either. Since I found out they are registered in the Cayman Islands I can’t even enjoy a good game of football without feeling like they are robbing us.

Apple, Google, Uber? It’s no good looking to the next generation to be more honest. They are the biggest dodgers of the lot. “Do no evil” said Google. Well by being a disruptive company you are doing evil and by not paying your taxes you are denying society the tools to cope with the change you are bringing!

This makes me weep. Get a back bone HMRC!

I know this is nothing new. It has always gone on and it is human nature to be greedy, I am aware of this. But the current business model of putting established tax paying companies out of business by undercutting them with artificially low prices by running their companies as tax dodging schemes can only have one result. We will as a nation be bankrupt. These companies want to employ as few people as possible, all on minimum wage or below if they can get away with it. They move money around the globe for pretend purposes such as renting Intellectual Property Rights, and end up showing they made no profit in the UK so don’t have to pay any corporation tax. Think how many tea rooms and coffee shops have closed down because a Starbucks or Costas has opened up nearby. That's a lot of taxes and job security gone. If the UK public choose to spend their money with a company then that company should pay its full taxes back to the UK taxpayer, not to do so is incredibly disrespectful and I can’t believe how many people allow this to happen by continuing to shop with them.

Even Anti Capitalism demonstrators use Starbucks, during a demonstration. Unbelievable.

We the people have far more power than any governments, if we choose where we spend our money. Its not governments that run the modern globalised planet, its big corporations. Politicians fall over themselves to invite big business into their country or constituency to make their figures look good. “Come here, we’ll build your factory and charge you no tax if you make me look good by securing jobs so I get re-elected next year”. Never mind that it’ll put everyone else out of work who have been paying their taxes for years. But this means that we can steer the big businesses if we choose where we spend, and if we choose not to spend our money with immoral tax dodging companies they will soon feel it and change their ways. But we have to all do it.

Successive governments have invited Billionaire non-doms here in the belief that their wealth trickles down through society. Sorry but it doesn’t. They only spend money on property or in a few top end places in Mayfair, then all of their money disappears out of the country to tax havens. All this does is put prices of property up and deny the UK tax payer even more money.

Sadly it is the people who want power and money that get into positions of power and money and keep it all for themselves. The 1%. The rest of us are too busy with work, family and enjoying our time on planet earth, but these people value money and power over everything else, at the expense of everything else. This is why things will never change. You can change the governments or companies but the people at the top will always be that type of person. Driven, ambitious, greedy, pshycopath, call them what you like, we will always be ruled by phsyopaths, unless you are one of them yourself.




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