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The only personal data we hold is the data our web sales customers give us when filling in the “new account” or “check out as guest” section on our website as part of the purchasing process. This is held on Magento in the Sales section and we also print out a copy to put in a file in case there are any problems with the purchsed items so we can make notes on what has been done to put it right. We do not share this information with anyone else. We do not hold any financial data, Sage Pay holds all of that.

 If someone makes a purchase over the phone we write down their address and what they bought and keep it in a file in case it is needed in the future. We do not keep any financial details.

 We have CCTV recording in our shop but the images are only held for 7 days and then recorded over.

 We do not currently have a newsletter or gather any personal information for marketing or any other purpose.

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